NTREGOPT or NT Registry Optimizer is a utility program that enables users to scan and clean their Windows Registry. Windows Registry is a hierarchal database built into a Windows operating system that stores options and configuration settings of various system components and applications installed in the computer. The Windows Registry is responsible for efficiently running the computer’s frequently used applications and components. However, the Windows Registry accumulates files from uninstalled files and newly installed applications in a period of time, making it perform poorly and cause the computer startup to slow down. NTREGOPT works by scanning the fragmented Windows Registry and identifying old and unused registry files and then deleting them. This process frees up memory allowing the system to perform faster during startup.

NTREGOPT features a simple interface that requires users to perform a single action to proceed with cleaning the Windows Registry. Upon executing NTREGOPT, a message box that requests the user to start the registry cleanup process will pop up. After clicking the “OK” button, the program will automatically start cleaning the Windows Registry. Users can view the status of the clean up by means of a progress bar displayed on the screen. After cleaning the registry, NTREGOPT will notify the user by means of a message box.