NTI Shadow

NewTech Infosystems, Inc. (Shareware)

NTI Shadow is a backup application developed by NewTech Infosystems, Inc. It was first released in August 2005. The program is used for creating real-time backups of almost any file including documents, videos, photos, and music. Created backups can be saved to any virtual storage device.

Aside from backing up files, NTI Shadow is capable of synchronizing, collaborating, sharing, and saving data to any drive. The program has the ability to copy documents from several computers to different devices automatically. It also preserves the native format of the files providing users the ability to restore the files without additional software.

The following are some functions and features available in NTI Shadow:

• Bi-Directional Sync – This feature enables the program to sync the backup files whenever there are changes on those files.
• NTI Ninja Protection – The program offers 256-bit AES encryption, which gives it the ability to make an encrypted Private as well as Public on USB flash drives and hard drives.
• Quick Restore – NTI Shadow features a quick restore function, which enables users to choose the data to be restored from the backup folders. The data will be restored to its initial location. However, users may also choose to change the location of the restored file.
• Additional Control – The program offers users additional control when performing NTI Shadow functions. These options include Auto Deletion and Retain Full Path.