NTI Ripper

NTI (Shareware)

NTI Ripper is a digital music suite that enables users to rip, play, and burn their music collection. Ripping audio from CDs can be done in one click. The program also features a File Composer, which automatically provides names for the audio files according to song title, artist, or album. The information comes from an online database. Conversion of multiple files in a different audio file format can be done, too.

Apart from ripping music from audio CDs, NTI Ripper is also a music player. The built-in player provides several playback options, such as shuffling songs, cross-fade, volume normalization, and equalization options. It supports a number of file formats, including MP3, WMA, OGG, and WAV.

Users can burn MP3 and WMA discs with NTI Ripper. Its built-in burning technology supports CD text to display the song and artist while the CD is being played. Like the built-in music player, the cross-fade, and volume normalization can be controlled with the burning tool, too.

Other features of the NTI Ripper include the following:
Selectable bit rates (from 64 bit to 320 bit)
One-button burning
Viewable ripping progress
Drag and drop features

NTI Ripper’s interface is customizable. The stereo interface’s color can be changed by selecting one from the 10 colors available. There are also three skin designs to choose from.