NewTech Infosystems, Inc. (Proprietary)

NTI FileCD is a packet writing utility developed by NewTech Infosystems in June 2005. NTI FileCD allows users to copy files and record them into a variety of disc media like CDs and DVDs. NTI FileCD features ISO and UDF file formatting support.

Selecting and copying files are done through Drag and Drop, which functions very much like any Windows-based interface. Users may also right-click the files they want to copy and select the Send To option. Top panel shows the selected CD or DVD recorder hardware. Beside that are buttons for ISO burn and UDF burn. The large panel below that shows the target folder and the contents or files to be burned. Users may choose to burn whole folders or files and folders in one disc. The contents panel shows the filenames, file sizes, file type, and the latest date the file was modified.

NTI FileCD also features disc formatting of various disc media. NTI FileCD Format Disc option opens up to a pop-up box that allows users to change the type of format process—Quick format or Full format. There is also a checkbox that triggers Verification after full disc format. Users can also change the format type here, whether UDF or ISO, through a toggle box. Users may also specify a label for the disc to be burned through an input box at the bottom. There is a status bar at the bottom panel showing the Burn process percentage.