NTI CDCopy Application

NTI Corporation (Proprietary)

NTI CDCopy Application is a CD and DVD copying tool developed by NTI Corporation. The program enables users to copy the entire contents of CDs or DVDs. Supported disc media includes DVD videos, Audio CDs, Data discs, and WMA discs, among others. Users may burn the contents of the CD or DVD into another CD or DVD, or save the same as an image file. The program also enables users to edit the contents of a disc, add or delete date, or erase the entire contents of a disc. However, this capability is only available if the disc media is a rewritable disc.

NTI CDCopy Application enables users to create audio CDs using their own music files. Users may also make their own Video DVDs and CDs using video files from their computer or taken from the computer’s web camera. The program also allows users to create an audio CD using Live Audio. This function enables users to record audio from the system’s line-in jack or the attached microphone. This is useful when recording messages or narrations.

NTI CDCopy Application features a Multi-burning engine. This function enables users to burn multiple discs simultaneously. Users may burn up to 4 discs at the same time, provided there are 4 disc burners attached to the system. However, the multi-burning feature only applies when there is only one set of data to be copied to multiple discs.

NTI CDCopy has already been renamed to NTI Media Maker.