NTFSDOS Professional

Winternals Software LP (Freeware)

NTFSDOS Professional is a program developed as a commercial solution for NTFS operations. Specifically, it uses the MS-DOS programming environment for the read-and-write operations utilizing NTFS, or New File Technology System. NTFS, in turn, is used by Windows for its NT range of operating systems. The program permits easy access to NTFS drives, with a procedure that treats these drives like regular drivers. This efficient access is enabled by the application when it mounts volumes and assigns drive letters to these for convenient file access and program launching.

The program requires the pre-installation of Windows on the system for it to run. It, however, runs on a couple of specific versions of the OS – NT and 2000. The settings and drivers from the existing install help simulate the environment within which the apps in the program can operate with MS-DOS. The program may be initialized from a USB drive or a boot diskette if the OS does not start up.

NFTSDOS Professional’s last iteration was in demoware, and could only be used for evaluation in read-only mode. Its earlier iteration was NFTSDOS Tools – an add-on to the original NTFSDOS freeware utility – which had the ability to refresh corrupt files by overwriting them and changing bad driver names so these drivers would not load.