Ntfs Data Recovery

The Undelete (Shareware)

Data loss is one of the worst nightmares of every computer user. The loss of sensitive data is a scenario that should be avoided at all costs. But when it does happen, what options does a user have? Enter NTFS Data Recovery. This is a program that is specialized to perform various data recovery tasks for when the unthinkable happens to a user’s computer. When the hard drive of a computer fails, The Undelete NTFS Data Recovery does not. Corrupt and inaccessible hard drives are now something that can be overcome.

The Undelete NTFS Recovery allows users to recover files from repartitioned or otherwise inaccessible NTFS hard disk drives. It can recover files and folders from corrupted or damaged hard drives. When a user accidentally deletes a file, in just a few clicks, the program allows users to instantly recover these files. The program can scan entire hard drives to look for lost and inaccessible NTFS partitions. Perhaps the most powerful feature of the program is that it allows users to scan a corrupted hard drive and recreate the entire file structure. This allows for instant file and data recovery. The program works on all NTFS versions including all versions of NTFS4 and the latest versions of NTFS5.

Other Features Include:
• Easy wizard-style recovery
• Recovered files can be saved on any disks, including networked disks
• Virtual partition support