nSpaces 1.3.0

Bytesignals (Freeware)

nSpaces is a program used for managing applications that are open on the desktop. The program allows users to create workspaces on the desktop dedicated to one program or activity. It creates virtual desktops on the computer. This program is especially useful for those who multi-task when using the computer. Users have complete control over the number of virtual desktops to place on the computer. Users can label each virtual desktop according to use, such as email, work, photo editing, and any category preferred by the user.

Under the Options window, users can set the number of rows and columns, as well as change the labels, wallpaper, color, apps, and hotkeys. The program can be set to launch as soon as the computer opens. Users can also provide a password for accessing the application. This application comes with a user guide that gives instructions on how to use the features of the application. Both novice and advanced computer users will be able to utilize this application. More of the program’s features are listed below:

• Support for setting different backgrounds for different workspaces
• Improves user productivity by allowing several programs to launch simultaneously
• Support for hotkeys for launching workspaces and switching between them