Sierra Entertainment, Inc.Bellevue, WA 98005 (Proprietary)

Developed by Papyrus Design Group and published by Sierra Entertainment comes NASCAR Racing 2003 Season. This is a game where players are put into the driver’s seat of the roaring beast that is a NASCAR stock car. The game is considered to be less of an arcade-style racing game and more as a full on racing simulator. There are realism settings that players can either tone down for a casual racing experience or crank all the way up if they want the full on tension of a real NASCAR race. These realism settings allow players to tweak almost every aspect of the game to suit their playing preferences.

The game features many real-world tracks, drivers, and cars. Specifically, the game includes all of the 2003 NASCAR racing season’s tracks, cars, events, and many of the drivers. In addition to this, there are also fantasy drivers that appear in the game. Players can also create their own fantasy cars in the game as well. To add to the realism and the NASCAR feel of the game, advertisements and sponsors are all over the game. The game boasts an extremely realistic physics engine for crashes and car handling. To add to the realism, not only does the player have to drive the car, the player also needs to manage the car. From small details of tire air pressure, to handling the pit crew, the game really puts the player through his paces in this extremely realistic racing simulator.