No$GBA (Freeware)

No$Zoomer is a plugin for No$Gba emulator that enables the program to increase its screen size. No$GBA is an emulator to run Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS games on the computer. The user has to simply load the game's rom to play it. The program also has the ability to save the player's progress in the game. Furthermore, it also emulates the console’s battery system, which allows time-sensitive activities in the game to happen. While No$GBA can readily increase its window size when playing Gameboy Advance games. It cannot do the same thing for Nintendo DS games. With the No$Zoomer plugin, the program has an added ability to zoom the screen. Additionally, it also allows the emulator to play certain games that No$GBA cannot play.

No$Zoomer's zooming capability allows it to zoom the size of the game screen. The player can also specify the window size. Since the Nintendo DS consists of 2 screens on top of each other. This plugin can remove the lines between the 2 screens. Furthermore it allows No$GBA to let the screen rotate. This is because there are some games that require the Nintendo DS to be turned sideways, like Brain Age, Hotel Dusk, and Ninja Gaiden.