Novell iPrint

Novell, Inc. (Shareware)

Novelli iPrint is an office tool from Novell, Inc that allows remote printing. With an Internet connection, the user can access printers from another location. To use the program, the user needs to specify the kind of printer to be used. The user then has to download the printer driver on the workstation. The user can then send documents to the printer through any desktop application.

iPrint offers different features for the user. The program can detect empty pages in the document. The blank pages are then removed prior to printing. The user can also review the document for extra blank pages. The user can remove undetected blank pages with one click. In addition, the program can also scale the pages. This action allows a maximum of four pages to fit into one sheet of paper. The program also allows group printing from different application sources. The grouping option can be done in one printing session.

Aside from remote printing, the program records the frequency of usage. The program can also create a report on the materials that were printed. In addition, it calculates the savings that the user made from using the program. The program is also integrated with a “Click to Convert” system. With this option, the user can convert documents to files in PDF or HTML formats.