Novell GroupWise

Novell, Inc. (Shareware)

Novell Groupwise is a collaborative and messaging application developed and distributed by Novell, Inc. It provides supports for calendaring, email, personal information management, document management, and instant messaging capabilities. The program consists of a client and a server that can run on multiple workstation and server platforms.

The main functions featured in GroupWise are:

• Messaging – The program can be used to receive and send emails, reminder notes, and phone messages.
• Calendaring – Users can utilize GroupWise for viewing and managing appointments, reminder notes, and tasks via the Calendar view. The program also allows for multiple calendars. Publishing of personal calendars is possible as well. Aside from this, the application can also be used for setting up tasks and appointments.
• Task Management – Creating tasks is possible using the software. It provides users the ability to manage tasks such as accepting or declining tasks sent by other users as well as tracking accepted tasks throughout the entire project. There is also a percent complete status that provides details on how the project is coming through.
• Contact Management – Users can also utilize GroupWise for managing contacts. Contacts stored in the software include detailed information together with groups, organizations, and resources the user interacts with.
• Document Management – Users can also transfer files through GroupWise. There is a library that stores all the documents in a single location.