Novell Client for Windows

Novell, Inc. (Proprietary)

Novell Client for Windows is a desktop program that converts a typical computer setup into a dependable workstation that allows users to access essential servers including OES, Open Enterprise Server, as well as NetWare. Developed and distributed by Novell, Inc. it is available for purchase over the Internet. By providing program users with access to these particular servers, standard desktops are converted into highly capable not to mention extremely dependable ones. Novell Client for Windows easily improves overall desktop functionality and boosts the performance of general computer processes.

When the Novell Client for Windows is installed, the program user immediately gains full access to other services under Novell, Inc. Aside from improved browser speeds and service resolution, those who choose to rely on this application can also enjoy eDirectory authentication. Apart from these, Novell will also provide users with access to a reliable file system application that comes complete with a series of industry-accepted protocols that do not only improve overall performance but boosts overall system security as well.

Program users can easily configure the Novell Client for Windows application to meet their needs. Automatic system configurations and notifications can be activated and integrated login benefits can also be taken advantage of. Apart from this, program users can also depend on the company’s NMAS client integration program, which will make access to Novell, Inc. services even easier.