NovaBench 3.0.4

NovaTech Network (Freeware)

NovaBench is a benchmark testing application for assessing the performance of the system against other similar computers. The program tests several components of the system including the following:

• Disk Write Speed – tests the write speed of the primary disk or a selected storage device
• Floating Point Test – examines the CPU’s floating point arithmetic speed
• RAM Speed – tests the RAM reading and writing speed
• Integer Test – examines the CPU’s integer arithmetic speed
• 3D Graphics Test – tests how the GPU performs in a 3D scene

Testing of all these system components can be done in just a few minutes. After the test, users can view the results with all the details. Users have the option to perform all the tests or to choose just one of the tests available. The results window also shows a NovaBench Score. The score can be compared with other system scores on the NovaBench website. Users can create an account and build a profile where the results can be saved. In addition, users can search for NovaBench scores and stats on the website by typing in CPU and GPU keywords or by searching by score. NovaBench is a simple utility that helps users decide the components of the system to upgrade.