NovaStor (Shareware)

NovaBACKUP is a file storage and backup software developed by Novastor and released on January 2013. This program enables users to backup data from their workstations and computers to a cloud storage option. It features a five-step process for easy backing up, geared towards not just IT professionals but also for home users. It comes with 2GB online storage as a default but users may still purchase additional storage space.

NovaBACKUP also features backup and restore functionality. Essential computer settings are backed up automatically upon installation. Users can also perform a Restore just by one click. NovaBACKUP’s restore functionality enables users to restore not just system settings but even programs installed on the computer. This program has several backup options. Users can choose to backup individual files only, folders, or even whole drives. The backup process supports all types of file formats including images, music, videos, and programs. This program also supports three modes of backup—full, incremental backup, and differential backup. Users can also configure the program to run the backup processes according to a pre-defined schedule. This program can also backup the whole system including all the programs installed therein, to create a system image. This system image may be restored on a different system from the original system. The new system may even be a dissimilar hardware with dissimilar partition sizes, and the restore process will still work.