Notrium 1.345

Ville Monkkonen (Freeware)

Notrium is a video game that runs on computers installed with a Microsoft Windows operating system. Developed independently by Ville Monkkonen, a single-player survival game is available as a free download.

The game environment is set on a planet divided into four distinct areas. Each area features unique challenges to the player, who must overcome obstacles of each game by taking advantage of in-game environments and objects that the player can use to survive each level.

The plot immediately develops at the start of the game, where the player – a space faring traveler – lands his/her spaceship on an unknown planet. The player then realizes that supplies inside the ship are not enough to sustain him/her. As a result, you must explore the planetary terrain in search of resources that can extend your playable character’s lifespan.

The difficulties are compounded with the presence of hostile extraterrestrial life whose main objective is to consume the stranger from Earth. With an initial supply of rocks as the player’s main weapon, he/she must find a way to stay away from predators all over the area.

Defeating the creatures is possible by using weapons assembled from various found objects scattered near the creatures’ bases. At the same time, the player may also choose to outrun these predators if no weapon is available now.