NoteZilla 8.0.23

Conceptworld Corporation (Shareware)

Notezilla is an application that notifies users of tasks to be done, appointments to go to, and other information essential to their day-to-day lives. The application was developed and distributed by Conceptworld Corporation. Its main function is to provide users with automatic reminders regarding information previously inputted by them. This application works by allowing users to put virtual “sticky notes” on their desktops. These notes then contain the abovementioned info, among other important data the user deems fit.

NoteZilla’s key features include an intuitive Graphical User Interface that can be operated by novice computer users. It is designed to synchronize notes and the information contained within with mobile devices assigned by users to ensure that they keep track of their tasks and appointments, even out of the house or office. The application allows easy access and navigation so these users to find the right note/s quickly. It has a built-in alarm so that even without looking at a mobile device or the computer desktop, the user can be reminded of a certain task. It also enables users to customize the reminders used by the application by inserting images onto the sticky note/s, as well as adding hyperlinks for instant access to websites.