NoteWorthy Composer 2.1 2.5.5

Noteworthy Software, Inc. (Shareware)

The program NoteWorthy Composer is a music composing tool that lets users create and record musical scores and see the notations. The recorded music may then be played back and edited; when the user is satisfied with the score, the sheet music may be printed directly from the program. The recorded music is saved in MIDI format.

The program features transposition tool that allows users to easily adapt and shift from one musical key to another. This is useful for those who are composing pieces for multiple instruments, or for those who would like to play music adapted to the native key of a particular instrument. Users will be assisted by the on-screen piano in entering notes. The duration of each note, time signatures, and other musical notations and symbols are available from the toolbars. The note attributes are set using the program’s note palette. During playback, the piano keys and their corresponding noteheads will be highlighted so users can follow along and take note of any part that needs changing. The program has an undo/redo feature that lets users reverse recent changes.

Users can start with a blank sheet or they can also choose from music templates offered by the application. These templates lets users easily work on pieces for the piano, a quartet, the four voice types (named SATB in the program, or soprano, alto, tenor, bass), and vocals with piano accompaniment. NoteWorthy Composer also lets users add text and lyrics.