Notepad2 x64 4.2.25 (64-bit)

Flo’s Freeware (Freeware)

Notepad2 x64 is an application that is developed as an alternative to the Windows default text editor Notepad. This application is particularly designed for use by programmers, developers, writers, and other users who work with plenty of text-based files on their 64-bit Windows operating systems, including Windows NT. It has several additional features, such as syntax highlighting for the common programming languages.

This application has a small file size, works fast, and does not take up a lot of system resources. The program interface itself is simple and easy to use. The application’s toolbar contains the basic controls Open, Save, and Browse; it also offers text tools including Zoom In, Zoom Out, and Word Wrap. The key features of Notepad2 x64 are the following:

• Syntax highlighting – supported programming languages include JavaScript, Makefiles, Visual Basic, SQL, Pascal, Python, C/C++, and Perl, among others. It also has support for Unix, UTF-8, Unicode, as well as Mac-based text files
• Programming tools – these include zoom functions, brace matching, long line marker, and auto indent.
• Text editing shortcuts – users can set block, line, and word editing shortcuts for faster editing
• Drag and drop text editing – users can apply this method within and outside the application.
• Search and replace – users can look for basic regular expressions and replace these as necessary using this tool.