NoteExpress2 2.6

Aegean Software (Shareware)

NoteExpress 2 is a note-taking application that allows users to organize and collect research notes. These notes can then be compiled using the application. Through this application, the user can create and organize bibliographies. It can even take note of bibliographic data that can be found in the Internet. NoteExpress has the ability to add a plug-in to the computer’s word processor for access to different references while the latter application is in use. Some of the program's important features are the following:

• It can search Internet databases with efficiency.
• When a reference is found, it can be imported into the software to be saved and managed in software folders. The folders can be sorted according to the name of its author, the year it was made, and its title. There are even tags and a star rating system that can be applied.
• It can let the user search for authors relevant to the research.
• It allows the user to have all notes in just one application. Everything that the user has searched for is saved. It even shows related entries as references to the user’s research.
• Bibliographies exported to the software are formatted according to user preference.