Notation Player 2.6.3

Notation (Freeware)

Notation Player is an audio program developed by Notation and released on July 2010. This program enables users to search and find MIDI audio files from online servers. Users can then stream or playback these MIDI files using this program. During playback, this program converts the MIDI file into a complete sheet music showing all the notes, grace notes, trills, and the tremolos. This program is even capable of detecting musical styles like paired eighth note swing rhythms that are common in jazz music.

Notation Player enables users to analyze and understand musical files that feature multiple musical instruments. This program enables users to see the notes played by each instrument. Users may even practice along with the Notation Player, and it would automatically turn the sheets as they go along. This program also enables users not only to view sheet music, but also to print the same using its Print functionality. Users may configure Print settings as to page size and margins. If a particular sheet music is created on another page size, this program will automatically change the page formatting to accommodate a different page size.

Notation Player also views, plays, and prints Notation files. Notation files are those created by Notation Composer and Notation Musician, two programs from the same developer which enables users to create and edit music sheets using a mouse or an attached keyboard or MIDI instrument. Notation Player retains all the author’s notations including dynamic marks, accent marks, and slurs.