Norton Utilities

Symantec Corporation (Shareware)

Norton Utilities is a utility application for maintaining and optimizing a computer. The program has three main functions – speed up, clean up, and tune up the system. The program has a Startup Manager where users can set the programs to launch during computer start up. Choosing only the important programs to launch can improve the computer’s boot time. The software also has a Service Manager that optimizes the services for active Windows so that they can at the same time without slowing down the computer. The Speed Disk defragments files to improve computer performance.

Norton Utilities also has a Registry Monitor that allows application to start up faster. This tool also alerts users if there are items in the Windows Registry that needs to be repaired. One of the features of the application is the Disk Cleaner. This tool permanently removes confidential data from the computer. It leaves no traces so the information will surely be safe from unauthorized users. Another feature is Norton UnErase tool. This tool is capable of retrieving files and documents that were accidentally removed from the system.

Here are more features of the program:
Easy access to Windows Administrative Tools
One-click fix to common problems
Maximizes overall computer performance

This program automatically searches and installs the latest product updates whenever connected to the Internet.