Norton Protection Center

Symantec Corporation (Shareware)

Norton Protection Center is one of the components of Norton AntiVirus, a security application for computers. Norton Protection Center provides the security status of the system. It displays information on spyware, viruses, firewall settings, scanning settings, and many more. The application also ensures that virus and spyware definitions are always up to date. In some Symantec products, these updates are automatically done.

The inbound firewall settings can also be controlled in Norton Protection Center. An inbound firewall monitors traffic on the computer when using the Internet to ensure that the system is protected against possible threats that might enter the system when browsing.

Norton Protection Center shows a brief summary of the unprotected and protected parts of the system. Looking at the status, users can see if there are certain components that need attention. There are check marks beside parts that are protected, and exclamation points beside parts that are potentially unprotected. Some of these parts include Full System Scan, Protection Updates, Spyware Protection, Windows Automatic Update, Virus Protection, Inbound Firewall, and Spyware Definitions. Other parts of Norton Protection center include Internet and Identity Security. For Internet security, there are advanced firewall and outgoing email scanning options. For identity security, phishing protection is available.