Norton PC Checkup 1.0

Symantec Corporation (Freeware)

Norton PC Checkup is an antivirus software that scans the computer from any threats and performance issues. The program normally scans the computer once a week. However, it also allows for manual scanning. Each quick scan takes less than a minute. A full scan can take less than 10 minutes to complete. The software gives a detailed report and a quick summary after every scan. It also provides a visual representation of the threats that has to be addressed.

PC Checkup has diagnostics that scans the computer for any important security threats. It will notify the user immediately after a threat is detected in the scan. The program gives two solutions for every PC threat. One is to avail Norton’s PC Tune-Up Service. The other is to solve the problem manually with the program’s recommended action. It will open up a new page that displays actions that has to be taken. Most of the time, the program’s identified problem can be solved by free third-party software.

PC Checkup’s interface is graphics-based and gives in-depth information when hovering the mouse to the interface icons. The program updates automatically. It also works on the background by quietly sitting on the system tray to alert the user about threats immediately.