Norton Internet Security

Symantec Corporation (Freeware)

Norton Internet Security is an anti-malware application that prevents unwanted items from entering the computer. It has four layers of smart protection that removes possible threats before they even get installed in the system. The security program checks e-mails, attachments, and instant messages for possible threats that may infect the system once launched. It also blocks access to websites that are not safe for browsing.

This security application provides parental management controls, which allows adults to monitor their kids’ online activities. Norton Internet Security also guards against online identity theft. The Norton Identity Safe feature automatically enters usernames and passwords on websites to prevent third parties from stealing your data as you log into websites.

Norton Internet Security does not take up much of the computer’s memory. The application can scan your system while you browse websites and do other activities on the computer. Norton Pulse Updates makes sure that the system is up to date by downloading updates every 5 to 15 minutes. This makes sure that the virus database has up-to-the-minute protection against the latest threats. The Smart Scheduler only runs a system scan when the computer is not in use. Apart from that, Norton Internet Security also has power saver settings that save the laptop’s power by performing power-consuming tasks only when the laptop is plugged in.