Norton Commander

John Socha (Proprietary)

The Norton Commander software is traditional file management application which delivers a text user interface on top of DOS. It is a user-friendly program which allows users to perform manipulations on two sets of files at a time. It allows drag and drop mouse functions and other functionalities which are designed to function as simple as Window commands or options. A user with prior exposure to Windows will have an easy time navigating the application.

Upon opening of the program, the user interface will show two panels, each of which can be designed to perform a number of functions, such as providing information about the other panel and directory. The bottom of the screen is configured with commands which are usually performed with the CTRL or ALT key on the keyboard. This means using those built-in commands or functions will result to time savings or higher productivity for the users who frequently use their mouse keys.

Norton Commander also has functionalities for file compression or de-compression of various data types, network utilities access, cleanup of hard disk drive, viewing of text files, editing of text files, comparison of files and folder, as well as management of FTP (File Transfer Protocol) connections.