Norton AntiVirus

Symantec Corporation (Shareware)

Norton Antivirus is an antivirus program initially released in 1991 by Symantec Corporation. This program offers malware prevention and removal with its Threat Monitoring and SONAR Technology. It has a Threat-Removal Layer feature that scans and removes hard to detect infections. The program also offers Network Defense Layer feature for blocking threats before it can access your system. Browser Protection is also available for keeping unsafe websites from downloading software to your system.

Norton Antivirus is also used for protecting your online security. It can block “phishing” sites that can compromise your privacy and security. The program can also protect you from malicious Facebook links as well as protecting your online identity when storing and entering private information. Norton Antivirus also features the Cloud-based Norton Management that enables you to fix, update, install, and renew Norton applications on other computer.

The program also has a feature called Insight that enhances your computer’s performance by determining safe files and scans unknown files ONLY. The Download Insight feature is also available in this program that protects computers from malicious programs. It notifies users regarding its safety before allowing you to install them. Norton Antivirus also offers Vulnerability Protection feature that prevents cybercriminals from using security program to access your system. There’s also the Bandwidth Management feature that adjusts Norton data usage updates automatically when connecting to 3G networks.