Norma PRO

Athenasoft sp. z o.o. (Proprietary)

NORMA PRO is a costing program for estimating costs that allows users to perform variant, complex, and comparative estimates. For instance, if the user is a construction firm or simply project management company offering services to multinational companies, this program enables the users to develop an objective way by which they manage their costing.

The key features of this program include the following:

• It allows creation of variant estimates depending on what alternative technologies will be used to execute the work. For instance, revolutionizing a firm’s finance and reporting system could mean shifting to a more robust technology and management will make decisions on what technology to use based on how much it will cost them, among other factors. The program is dynamic which means that it allows recording of corrections or revisions making it easy to apply adjustments.
• This costing system has varied tools and functions, which is consistent or aligned with the complex procedures and norms used in Poland and other European Union countries.
• This costing program is compatible and is able to communicate with programs for planning and scheduling works and also with the integrated system of CAPITAL construction company management. This integration of processes will result to higher efficiency since the costing is a subset of a bigger project management process.