NonSoft (Freeware)

NonWebCapture is an application developed by the Japanese company, NonSoft. It was released in February 2013 and software serves the purpose of taking an active screenshot of any website and transforming it into a bitmap image file.

Bitmap is a type of image file. Its name is derived from the mapping process that the file undergoes. A graphic source taken from a different domain is mapped into bits, hence the term bitmap. This is a pretty basic image type that can be found on computer systems but simple as it may, it can carry full images with pretty adequate definition. The NonWebCapture program provides its users with access to a piece of software that makes it possible for screenshots of websites to be taken in one go. Other graphic applications also provide the same service but screenshots have to be taken one section at a time and then adjoined to create one full image.

This particular piece of software allows its users to take screenshots of websites with a single click. The software automatically takes a picture of the entire website and then the file is saved carrying bitmap formatting. The file is saved under a file name carrying the web address.