Non-Stop Copy 1.04

DS (Freeware)

Non-Stop Copy is a program developed by DS for copying corrupted files from various media storage devices. This application can recover data from unreadable/bad sectors. The program will replace unreadable sectors with null bytes. Copying process can be paused/continue at anytime necessary. The program can copy one file from different sources. It can also show a visual map of the damaged parts’ locations as well as the copy process. Non-Stop Copy can be used on all media types and file systems that the operating system supports. It can be used for copying files larger than 4GB.

Non-Stop Copy offers a feature to automatically exit the application after the copying process. It can also automatically shutdown the system after the copy. The program’s copying process is divided into four stages – Quick Copy, Detail, Fine Detail, and Copy the Bad Sectors. This division is necessary in order to copy as many good sectors as possible. This division can also get detailed information regarding the bad sectors at each stage. The Quick Copy stage copies the file instead of large blocks. The Detailing stage copies all the bad patches to the first bad sector, starting first from the bad sector then from the end. The Fine Detail stage will try copying all the sectors in the entire bad parts. The last stage, Copy of Bad Sectors, will try copying each bad sector while attempting to read the file consecutively.