NoLimitsTerraformer 1.8

Gravimetric Studios (Shareware)

NoLimits Terraformer is a software add-on for NoLimits Roller Coaster, a software bundle that aims to simulate the experience of riding a rollercoaster. The Terraformer program allows the user to design a custom environment for which the rollercoaster is set.

The software bundle comprises three programs that complement one another: the Simulator, the Terraformer, and the Editor. The Editor is usually the first application that users of the suite use, as it makes creation and customization of roller coaster tracks possible. Once the tracks have been laid out, the user then has the option to further customize the environment around the roller coaster, which is possible with the NoLimits Terraformer. Terraformer lets the user add many common terraforming features found in most land and map editors, including bodies of water, plants, and other photorealistic geographical features.

While the geographic elements and terrain tiles may look detailed, users may initially be presented with a bare-bones rendered representation of their roller coaster tracks. However, once the project is completed, the reloaded files are presented in their original detailed format. As Terraformer comes bundled with the two other applications mentioned earlier, user who have downloaded and installed NoLimits should have the Terraformer installed as well.