NoLimits Simulator

Mad Data GmbH & Co (Shareware)

NoLimits Simulator is a roller coaster simulation program that enables users to experience the thrill of riding in a roller coaster. Users can choose from existing roller coasters around the world or build their own according to their specifications. One of the key strengths of this simulation application is its use of realistic physics that accurately replicates how a roller coaster moves and accelerates. When building their own roller coasters, users can also situate it in a theme park of their own design using the integrated park editor. They can put more than one roller coaster in a single theme park, so users can build as many coasters as they want.

Users have 37 various styles of roller coasters to play with, including spinning, 4D, and suspended types. Users can place switches and transfer tracks, choose different rail types, and select different designs of the shuttle coasters. The paintwork on the roller coaster can also be designed in such a way that the coaster looks vintage. NoLimits Simulator also enables users to play more than one train at the same time. Users can view the roller coaster ride from four different camera angles: fly-by, free, target, and onboard. They can choose any row and any seat. In addition to realistic physics, this simulator also comes with dynamic weather effects, fog effects, as well as volumetric light effects.