Nokia Suite 7.1

Nokia (Freeware)

Nokia Suite is an application used to connect Nokia devices to a Windows computer. The application was formerly named Nokia Ovi Suite and it replaced the Nokia PC Suite application. The Nokia Suite program is integrated with the services offered by the Ovi brand. It is also integrated with Nokia Music store that allows you to download, view and transfer music files between the personal computer and mobile device.

Features needed to manage the files from a Nokia device are available in the Nokia Suite application. It can synchronize files between a Nokia device and a computer. This includes the contacts, messages, photos, music, videos, and calendars. Sending and receiving messages while the mobile phone is connected to the PC is also possible. The program can be used to download country maps to the mobile device. Updating the device software is also possible using the Nokia Suite application. It can also be used as a tethering device. Tethering is a method used to connect a personal computer to the Internet via the mobile device. The Nokia Suite program can also backup and restore the files from and to the device. Backed-up files are stored using the .nbu file format. It can only be accessed by restoring the contents back to a Nokia device via the Nokia Suite application.

Different application types can be installed on a Nokia device using the Nokia Suite application. Some of these application types include:

Nokia Themes
Widgets (wgz)