Nokia Link 1.2.415.4169

Nokia Corporation (Freeware)

Nokia Link is an application used to transfer files between a computer and a Nokia phone. The program can move files that are from the computer to the Nokia phone. In this way, multimedia files like images and music can be played on the phone while on the go. Alternatively, transferring of files can also be done from the phone to the computer. In this way, the computer acts as a backup of all the files on the phone. All multimedia files that are transferred to the PC can be played by computer programs. For example, music files can be played using the Media Player of Windows. Images can be viewed by Microsoft’s Picture Manager.

To enable the program to run, the Nokia phone is connected to the computer through a USB cable. After that, the phone is synched with the computer. In this way, all of the files on the phone can be viewed on the computer. Apart from transferring files, the program enables users to edit files in a batch on the phone. This means editing music files are faster when it is done on the computer than on the phone. Removing content from the phone can be completed faster. This is because the computer allows users to delete a lot of files in just one go.