Nokia Lifeblog

Nokia (Proprietary)

Nokia Lifeblog is a website administration and multimedia library developed by Nokia Corporation. It is a program capable of collecting and managing multimedia files (i.e. videos, images, music) on a Nokia handheld phone as well as SMS and MMS messages (both sent and received).

Main features available in Nokia Lifeblog include:

• PC-to-Phone – The application can be used to transfer files between the computer and the Nokia handheld device. The program also keeps track of all changes made to multimedia files. This prevents overwriting the wrong file when they are copied between the phone and the computer.
• Import – Lifeblog also offers an import function allowing users to import multimedia files from different sources aside from the handheld device. This can be done via a drag-and-drop function.
• Search and Filter – Users can view multimedia files based on certain criteria. Its filtering function enables users to categorize files based on favorites, text content, tags, and item type. The application also offers a search function allowing users to find specific items.
• Edit – Users can edit text notes using the program. It also offers advanced editing functions allowing users to open multimedia files with other programs installed in the computer.
• Annotate and Tag – The application also allows adding of content tags, descriptions, and location tags to items.

Other features include an automatic location information, sharing function, and safekeeping function.