NoClone 2011

Reasonable Software House Ltd. (Shareware)

NoClone is a duplicate file finder that supports a wide range of files, such as audio, video, photos and images, and even emails. It can search for duplicate files within the computer and with portable hard drives, too. It makes use of an advanced algorithm that ensures duplicate files found have the exact same content. Removing duplicate files in the computer is important to make more space for other files.

The application’s interface is intuitive. Under the Search tab, users can select one of the search modes available (audio files, folders, images, or outlook emails). There are also options for large files. Users can also set the search location and the file type. Once the search has been started, users can check the progress on the bar located at the bottom left part of the main window. When the search is done, the Results tab displays a list of all the duplicate files found. Each pair has a similar color to distinguish them from other files that were found. Other information included are the folder path, filename, file size, date when it was last modified, and the duplicate group. The checkboxes beside each item allow users to select the duplicate files and remove them from the computer. The report can also be exported for reference.