Noah’s Ark

PopCap (Proprietary)

Noah’s Ark is a tile-matching puzzle game created by PopCap Games. Noah’s Ark features a game board full of animal-themed tiles. The objective of the game is to save all the animals before the rising flood reaches the top portion of the game board.

Noah’s Ark is based on the Biblical story of Noah’s Ark and the flood that wiped out creation aside from a select few. According to the story, Noah and his family were able to save all the animals by letting two kinds of each animal aboard the ark—one female and one male. However, in this game, players need to match two similar animals by clicking one after the other to save them. There is a valid match when the two animal tiles are linked by a green vine snaking through the board. Animal tiles may only be matched when they are side by side, or sharing a common side. They may also be matched when there are spaces in the board through which the vine can move around. To get ample spaces, the technique is to match first those animal tiles, which are placed side by side. Animal tiles that are located far away from each other in the board may be connected by the vine. Animals depicted on the tiles include pigs, elephants, lions, and snakes.