NoAdware Application

NoAdware ( (Freeware)

NoAdware Application is a security application designed by Spyware Warrior and released in 2003. The program protects computers from spyware and adware programs that hamper its security. It was classified as a rogue application by Spyware Warrior. However, in 2004, the product was removed from Spyware Warriors list. NoAdware Application features scanning and removing functions. The program performs a system-wide scan of the computer to check for malicious files and removes the same after detection. Users can configure the program to perform a scan on specific areas or folders only.

NoAdware Application features a classic grey and blue window user interface. The menu bar contains options for File, Options, Help, and Register. The UI is divided into 3 panels. The top left panel features the Scan Results. It shows the scanned item and its corresponding location, type, and danger. The bottom half shows the Item description and the Scan status. The Right pane features buttons corresponding to Scan My PC, Scan Files/Folders, Stop Scan, Update Protection, and Remove Items. The bottom right portion shows the total number of items found, including the number of items found for Registry, Cookies, and Files.

NoAdware Application Preferences window provides options for users to launch the program at startup or perform a scan at startup. Users may also automatically store log files, check for updates, or save Scan logs.