Nitronic Rush v.2012.12.21.0

Nitronic , Digipen Institute of Technology (Freeware)

Nitronic Rush is a survival racing game where players aim to endure the many hurdles that the city has in store for them. This is considered an indie game as it was developed by a group of students at the Digipen Institute of Technology. The cars’ abilities, including its boosts, wings and jump, are some of abilities that the players can use to come up with a strategy to win the game.

Nitronic Rush offers five playing game modes. This includes Story mode, Hardcore mode, Challenge mode, Stunt mode, and Old levels mode. In the Story mode, the player goes through six levels of the main story campaign. This is the level geared towards beginners. The Hardcore mode offers parkour-inspired levels where the player goes through intense turns, while the Challenge mode presents challenges geared towards development of specific skills. The Stunt mode allows the players to race with time pressure as they try to beat the clock in different race tracks to get the highest score. Lastly, the Old levels mode gives the players a peek onto the development of the game. It includes a sneak peek on how the story campaigns came about as well as the musical score, which was originally made by the developers specifically for the game.