Delphieye Entertainment (Proprietary)

NitroFamily is a fun and humorous first-person shooting game developed by South Korean company Delphieye Entertainment and released in 2004. The story takes place in the future at a time when psychiatric disorders were starting to become common due to the many societal pressures. As a response, a corporation named Golden Bell released a drug called “Healthy Family” to prevent people from falling into depression. Ten years after it was marketed, it turns out that people who stopped taking it experienced severe side effects.

The owner of the drug company stood by their product and developed a new version that was meant to be free of the side effects. The final test was to be done on a newborn baby. For this reason, Red Chief, the son of Victor and Maria Chopsky, was kidnapped by the staff of Golden Bell. They did not know, however, that the boy’s parents were both professional hunters who specialized in handling weapons and dangerous animals.

In this game, players assume the role of the character Victor Chopski. With his wife on piggyback, the two parents gear up to get their son back and avenge his kidnapping. Players get to face 50 enemies and bosses using a variety of weapons and combo attacks. There are 15 levels to finish in the game.