NirCmd 2.71

NirSoft (Freeware)

NirCmd is a command-line tool developed by NirSoft. It is designed to enable user the ability to perform different tasks without showing a user interface. Using the program, users can edit and add keys and values to the Windows registry. It also allows users to add values into the INI file as well as connect to an Internet account or VPN network. Other functions of the program include restarting or shutting down Windows, creating a shortcut, adjusting display settings, turning the monitor off, and more.

NirCmd is a standalone executable program. It does not need to be installed to the computer to use it nor requires additional DLLs. To use this, the program only needs to be copied to any directory and launch it with the selected command-line option based on the user’s preference. The program also offers a console version. In this version, the error messages go straight to the console window unlike the typical version where the errors are displayed in a message box.

The program features the paramsfile command, which enables users to execute a certain command several times. This is possible by loading the desired parameters from the text file. It also features win command actions such as center, move, and settext. The win command also offers the child action, which can be used to move or hide child windows. All other commands that can be used in NirCmd can be viewed from the developer’s website.