Nios II 11.1 Software Build Tools for Eclipse

Altera Corporation (Shareware)

Nios II 11.1 Software Build Tools for Eclipse stands as complementary software for the Nios Embedded Design Suite. Its primary purpose is to serve as a comprehensive and integrated development environment. It is the part of the main design program that carries the different types of tools that program users will need to fulfill various tasks including editing, debugging, and building software applications.

In order for this application to be used effectively, the program user needs to have access not only to a PC and download cable but also to another particular accessory called the FPGA which is a utility application also from the same company that developed the Nios Embedded Design Suite, Altera Corporation. All of these elements combined will allow program users to write various applications as well as communicate with any NIOS II processing system which makes the entire design and building process simpler not to mention faster.

With the Nios II 11.1 Software Build Tools for Eclipse, program users can expect improved tools and features including new accessible development templates as well as project wizards that will make the design process easier. C and C++ compilers can also be utilized as well as source navigators, editors, and debuggers.