NinjaTrader 7

NinjaTrader, LLC. (Shareware)

NinjaTrader 7 is a trading platform that allows users to chart market data for business purposes. This business tool was developed for traders involved in futures exchange, foreign exchange, and stock markets. The key feature of this application is its trade simulation feature. Trade simulation is used to give merchants a feel of what live trading will be like under real market conditions, and is a way to test business decisions and strategies.

This trading platform enables users to make market analytics and do advanced charting. In addition, users can also do system development and backtesting. Backtesting is a method to test a trading strategy using past data. By doing backtesting, a trading company will be able to approximate how a certain strategy will perform if it was used in the past. This application lets users do backtesting by simulating past conditions using the details provided by the users.

Another feature offered by the program is the Monte Carlo Analysis. This is a mathematical method for risk assessment and allows a user to see all the possible outcomes of business decisions. This helps users in making decisions in uncertain situations.

NinjaTrader 7 is supported by more than 220 commercially-developed indicators and trading systems. Users can also develop their own indicators and strategies using this utility. The charts provided by this application are user-friendly, customizable, and flexible so users can adjust the charts according to their own needs and preferences. A number of different chart styles are available for every business purpose.