Ninja Pendisk! 1.5

Nuno Brito (Freeware)

Ninja Pendisk is a security software designed to protect the computer against viruses that come from USB flash drives. These viruses, when not quarantined or deleted immediately, can cause harm to the computer. It will take time and effort to remove these unwanted viruses in the computer. That is why the Ninja Pendisk is a handy software for the computer’s security.

Ninja Pendisk, when on a computer, will just sit on the system tray. This means there is little to no effort needed at all. With the software, there is no need to click “scan” buttons. It will immediately scan the USB for any viruses that will attempt to infect the computer. If the viruses are threats, it will erase them automatically. A unique feature of the software is that it will try to immune the USB for possible future infections. This can save the user time and worry of using the USB into other computers. It has a very simple interface that requires no human handling. Since it will automatically scan any USB connected to the computer, it will just deliver a report of all the viruses it has encountered. These infections will be deleted immediately. Ninja Pendisk does not require installation.