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Ninja Blade is an action adventure video game released in 2009. The game is set in 2015 where a village has been attacked by unknown creatures. The survivors in the village were tested and the results show that they have an unidentified type of hook worm. The infection gave the survivors super strength and they break out of the research facility, attacking researchers in the process. The hook worm outbreak spreads over Tokyo city and an elite group of ninjas is tasked to take control of the situation.

Players control the character Ken Ogawa, a Japanese-American who is a member of the GUIDE (Global United Infestation Detection and Elimination) team. Ken Ogawa uses different weapons including a sword, a twin, sword, and a katana. The weapons can be upgraded by collecting crystals that are spread throughout the levels. Apart from these weapons, Ken also has ninja abilities including running at a fast speed and climbing up and running along walls. Ken also has other ninja abilities including ninjutsu. His three ninjutsu actions are:

• Cyclone Shuriken – This move produces strong winds that can put out a fire. It can be used for inflicting damage on enemies that are far away.
• Flame Shuriken – The Flame Shuriken is a powerful attack that can instantly kill weak opponents. It also explodes all enemies within its radius.
• Lightning Shuriken – This movie produces a strong lightning bolt that stuns enemies for a limited amount of time.