Nikon Scan

Nikon Inc. (Freeware)

Nikon is a company that is well-known for its line of lenses and cameras, both manual and digital. For their line of digital cameras, there are specific drivers that are necessary for clients to have the ability to process and transfer data from the devices to computer systems. One such driver is called Nikon Scan. Aside from Nikon's line of digital cameras, this COOLSCAN driver also functions with their film processing devices.

Nikon Scan is a COOLSCAN driver which works for both digital camera data processing and transfers and film processing devices. It is the driver that is responsible for generating high quality film prints from digital data files. The driver comes equipped with various key features that make it an extremely reliable piece of software. The driver carries an image enhancer component for scanned files. It works automatically. The purpose of this component is to enhance images by adjusting everything from hue settings to contrast elements. Users can also take advantage of something called Digital ICE4 detection. This is responsible for adjusting image distortions, scratches, and dust presence. There is also a Digital ROCTM element which serves as the scanner's restoration tool. With this tool, images that come with faded tones can be manipulated and modified to look brand spanking new. It can also be used to process old films and transform the images into more vibrant copies.

There is also an automatic correction tool for image grains. This is called the Digital GEMTM Technology. Apart from these, shadow blocking tools are also available with this particular driver. There is the Digital DEETM feature which takes care of shots that are underexposed. It works by increasing the contrast in areas that are considered as washed out easily improving the final image copy.