Nikon Message Center 2 2.1.0

Nikon Corporation (Freeware)

Nikon Message Center 2 is a software service that alerts Nikon products’ users when product firmware and Nikon software updates happen to be available.  This is helpful for users to be aware of product updates and install their respective updated versions. Updated software and firmware provide enhanced features and benefits to users. Once Nikon Message Center 2 is downloaded and installed, Nikon product and software specific updates are provided by clicking on the “Check Updates” option on the application’s Help menu.  The automatic update feature once opted for, may display update features extemporaneously.

When a software or device is still up to date such as when specific versions of such have already been installed, the facility will not deliver any notifications or show information. It is important for other applications that are running to be exited and virus scanning software to be turned off before using this application. For installation to be successful, internet connection is needed to transfer firmware and software update information. The application also uses about 50 MB of hard disk space and requires about 500MB or greater free space on one’s start-up disk to run the application.  The complete list of firmware and software updated versions can be found in Nikon’s website.