Nikon Capture 2.4.3

Nikon Corporation (Shareware)

Nikon Capture NX is a photo-editing application specifically designed for use with Nikon cameras. The software provides Nikon users a set of tools and features to repair, modify, or enhance images. This software does not work with other camera brands. However, some notable features are exclusive to the program. One such feature uses U Point technology to modify selected areas in an image without using conventional functions like layers and masks.

This application was designed solely for photo and image editing. The Color Control feature allows users to modify or repair selected areas on photos without having to use masks or other methods of manipulating images. The Auto-Retouch feature is another tool added to this application. This brush tool can clean, alter, or enhance a selected area on the photo without blurring the surrounding areas. Using these features, however, may require users to save their images in the proprietary Nikon RAW file format.

Like all other image-editing programs, the software requires moderate computer resources to work. This means that the user’s computer has to meet or exceed minimum hardware requirements to make the software run. The integrated manual and automatic features of the Nikon Capture NX are designed for both novice and advanced users.