NifTools (Freeware)

NifSkope is an application used for editing, viewing, texturing, and modeling NIF files. NIF files or NetImmerse file formats are mainly used for games like Skyrim, Fallout 3, Oblivion, and Morrowind. The application can be used for tweaking the different properties of an NIF file including the translucency and the texture of an object. The application features a 3D preview of the file so that users can immediately see the changes made to the file.

The program’s main interface displays the menu buttons at the top of the window (File View, Render, Spells, and Help). The upper left portion of the window shows the Block List where users can see the attributes of the NIF file imported to the program. The right side of the window displays the model of the NIF file. By looking at the model, users can easily see the parts of the file that need to changed. The bottom part of the main window shows the Block Details. When an attribute on the Block List is selected, all the details can be seen at the bottom part of the window. NifSkope offers different render settings, such as anti-aliasing, lighting, colors, and up axis. Tutorials for the application can be viewed on the program’s website.