NickWare HyperCore

NickWare Group (Freeware)

NickWare HyperCore is a program that helps users to configure the computer’s processor and operating system. For each processor and hardware, a driver is installed that automatically selects and configures its parameters for an optimized performance. In addition, it also improves the utilization of the computer’s recourses or “iron”. There are no complexities in the application’s usage as its user-friendly interface only enables users to set the driver to do its work. However, there is an online help available for users who need assistance.

Features of NickWare HyperCore include the following:

• A registry setting that increases the speed of the OS.
• A user-friendly interface but with an online help that makes navigation easier in some of the menu items in the application
• Console included in the program
• Allows users to correct either the override function equipment or diagnostic function
• Optimizes the load between the cores

In Nick HyperCore, the speed of the processor and operating system is increased with the help of the registry setting. With this, the Windows OS can be run without disruptions or glitches. The average speed of the computer is increased by 23 percent. In the PRO version, the user can connect different core components regardless of the advanced settings, thereby making the overall performance of operations faster and more stable.